Hand Made Soap Dishes:
$11.00-$12.50 ea.

Add a unique look to your bathroom with our custom made soap dishes. These soap dishes are custom made to fit our round soaps, but they also work well as spoon rests, ring and earring holders or candle bases. Beautiful and practical, no two are alike.

Please call for the current color selection on the hand thrown dishes.


g Procedure:
Less than a 48 hour response to all orders and inquiries.

Order today by e-mailing your order to:

doublebarjcashmere[at]yahoo.com or by calling us at (775) 296-2289.

We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard as credit payment options.

Note: E-mail orders will be contacted by phone for payment arrangements.
We will ship to your home or business and all orders are shipped Priority Mail.
Shipping and handling charges are added to the order total. All Nevada orders will be charged sales tax.


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Every summer we also have cashmere goat kids for sale. Throughout the year we also sell goats milk soap, cashmere yarn, cashmere caps and scarves, handmade soap dishes and raw cashmere.

We also provide breeding services for anyone interested breeding their Cashmere does.

Soap and Casmere products make great gifts for many occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and apologies all are the perfect time to give the one you care for one of our products.

If you have any questions about what can be made out of cashmere please contact us through our website or email listed at the bottom. We look forward to hearing from you!


Cedar (Atlas Cedar)
Holiday Spice (cinnamon & cloves)
Kitchen Soap
(anise and fennel – good for removing onion and garlic odors)
Oatmeal & Honey
Orange Spice
Sweet Orange
Tea Tree

Soaps are hand wrapped in paper. Bars and hand trimmed and have some weight
variation between bars.

All bars weigh at least 3.5 ounces at wrapping