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We have skeins of natural brown, white, and select colors of cashmere for sale. Each year we have half of our white casmere dyed a color using non-acid dyes. The skeins of cashmere sell for $20.00/ounce.  A one ounce skein has approximately 200 yards of yarn.

We have added handmade cashmere scarves, hats, headbands, and mittens to our inventory of products. 

Each of the products is hand made with the highest quality cashmere from our goats. Not only is the cashmere fiber soft but it is incredibly warm as well.
Scarves can be ordered to custom lengths.

Contact us for colors and costs if not listed with images.

Cashmere products are sold by the ounce. 

All knitted products are weighed and sold for $25.00/ounce.  For example a 4 ounce scarf (approximately 60 inches) would be $100

Skiens of cashmere are also sold by the ounce.  A one ounce skein is $20.00 and is approximately 200 yards long. 

Current yarn supple is lace weight.