Our goat herd is very active and enjoys life. With the birth of new kids each year we find ourselves with an overload of active young ones who enjoy moving about the farm, sparring with their brothers and sisters and getting the most attention from visitors.


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All of the kids we are not keeping as replacements are sold at the end of July. Throughout the year we also sell goats milk soap, cashmere yarn, cashmere caps and scarves, mittens and handmade soap dishes designed to fit our unique round soaps.

Our goats are born between mid-February and early March.  We try to have the majority of the kids born in a two to three week timeframe to increase the uniformity of the kid crop at sale time.

We also provide breeding services for anyone interested breeding their Cashmere does and periodically have bucks and bucklings for sale.

If you have any questions about what we offer us through our website or email listed at the bottom. We look forward to hearing from you!